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Hygienic Water Damage Sydney Service

Rainwater and falling trees do the road blockage. Last year we had a heavy rainfall at our town and the road blocked with the broken down trees. Soon we booked Magic Cleaning Services Sydney to clean the road as it may cause danger to the lives and property. The Magic guys worked hard and clean the road very efficiently. I really like their work. Now the roads and drains working well.
- Chloe

Amazing upholstery cleaning Service

Magic Cleaning Services delivers finest couch stain removal service in Sydney. My couch was completely stained so I had to call Magic Cleaning Services. When I called them they suggested me a very good quote. The team arrived at my place on the same day of booking. I think they live across Sydney. They used the best method and removed all the stains from my couch. I received a satisfactory result. I am very pleased with their service. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is in search of the best upholstery cleaning company in Sydney.
- Aaliyah

Brilliant Duct Cleaning Service

As per the professional's advice, you should go for regular professional services for your heating and cooling system at least twice a year. Many times it has been seen that dirt and dart can block the airflow resulting premature breakdown of your unit. Magic Cleaning Services take good care of your machine. I saw them cleaning each and every part of the machine individually. I liked your work guys. I would love to recommend you to all my friends.
- Violet

Very Good Staff

I would like to recommend Magic Cleaning Services to everyone. They have a well experienced and are very hardworking staff who can clean any type of carpet. I have been using various kinds of carpet cleaning services but trust me Magic Cleaning Services services are the best. I was surprised when I saw my carpet after it got cleaned by the team of Magic Cleaning Services. They do not hesitate to put in extra efforts to please their customers. Moreover, they offer the best prices for carpet cleaning in Sydney. Thank you Magic Cleaning Services. Your performance is commendable. Keep doing amazing work. I would love to use your other services too.
- Madison

Dramatic Carpet Cleaning

With two kids and three pets at home you can’t be realistic if you expect your carpets to stay clean. But once in a while it becomes a hectic task to find a nice carpet cleaner. Thankfully I found Magic Cleaning Services Melbourne last season when I was looking for a new carpet cleaner (obviously because I was disappointed with the last one I tried). These guys do magic, just like their name, on carpets. My carpets have been infused with new life it seems. Wow! What a change! I was spellbound to see the difference between my carpet (one that gets cleaned every season) and the one these guys cleaned. HIGHLY recommended.
- - Chris Drougas

Like Brand new

I searched the internet reading reviews until I found Magic Cleaning Services and am very pleased with the results. They were a difficult job- a couple of dirty beige linen lounges, chairs and light colored rugs that had not been cleaned for over 7 years. The staff was able to restore them back to almost brand new condition. They were on time, professional and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend them for your next cleaning job!
- Murray Cook

”Same Day Duct Cleaning Service”

If you need same day duct cleaning service in Melbourne then I would only suggest one name and that is Clean Master Sydney company. They are house to experienced and certified duct cleaners. They provide their services 365 days a year at a very affordable price.
- Natnael

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We use Magic Cleaning Services for commercial carpet cleaning for our small office in central Melbourne. They are always on time, offer a reasonable quote, and are true professionals in carpet cleaning. Moreover, they do our cleaning on weekends so our productivity does not get affected and our carpets get cleaned excellently.
- - Lynne Neale

”Superb Experience”

I had a very good experience with the team of Magic cleaning service. My favourite carpet was totally damaged by the flood water and I was really feeling bad about it then my husband suggested me Magic cleaning service. I immediately booked them. The executive responded me well. They’ve sent their cleaners on the very same day to restore my carpet. The cleaners did an amazing job. They have great skills to handle carpet restoration task. Later, they deodorize my carpet. My carpet looks fresh now. I am really happy with their service and would love to recommend them to you all. Thank you guys for your wonderful service.
- John

Exceptional service group and with snappy reaction

Thank you so many guys for such a wonderful service. You guys have done even more than what I was expecting. It was such a great experience. The trouble of flooded water makes my life hell as it even starts damaging my house. I couldn’t believe my eyes after the service as the place is totally cleaned and dried as if there was nothing in that place ever. Awesome experience with the team of Magic Cleaning Services
- Eb Ashley

Awesome Couch Cleaning Service

I like Magic Cleaning Services the most for all my couch cleaning work. I think they are the best service at Sydney. You can schedule them for Sundays and holidays also. They do a good work. Hire them friends and get your couch cleaned professionally. Magic Cleaning is available at a simple phone call now. Thank you, Magic team, for your great service. I would definitely recommend you to everyone.
- Isabelle

Very professional team

my daughter was playing with my new red color lipstick on my light color carpet and There was a lipstick stain on the carpet. I was worried. so I decided to call this Magic Cleaning Services company. The team worked in a very professional manner and the stain is removed on the carpet. the carpet is fresh and looks new. recommended company.
- Matthew Laura

5 Star Curtain Cleaning

Go to Magic Cleaning Services for a 5 star curtain cleaning service in Melbourne. Their cleaning solutions are magical – with no side effects and all stains get eliminated. Great service, nice results, and a wonderful experience.
- - Brett Saunders

”Quality Service”

All I can say is an excellent quality of service is been provided by them. Magic Tile and Grout Cleaning are very reliable and their attention to detail is incredible. I was recently called them for grout recolouring and stain guards. The team gave me a very good service and I received great results out of it. I am really happy with their service. Communication with the team of Magic Tile and Grout Cleaning is great throughout the whole process from scheduling the appointment to explaining the details of what needs to be done. I will definitely use Magic Tile and Grout Cleaning in future.
- Samuel

Very friendly team

Magic Cleaning Services was fantastic, they cleaned how carpets perfectly, very friendly team, on time and even let us use his incredible vacuum when he could see how bad a job ours was doing. 5 stars well deserved, will definitely hire again Magic Cleaning Services.
- Frankie

Affordable Carpet Restoration Services

I had opted Magic Cleaning Services because they offered me an affordable quote. Initially I was skeptical about the quality of their services but when they started the work I was fascinated. Their speed, professionalism, understanding of each and every detail, and way of giving attention to every minor detail was impressive. They even sanitized the carpets after cleaning them so as to make them absolutely clean and thoroughly clean for usage again. Thanks.
- - Paris Hatzis

My favourite Curtain Cleaning Service

I feel Magic Cleaning Services is the best provider of Curtain Cleaning Service to all the suburbs of Sydney. They are cost effective service providers. Magic team removes all the dust, odor, and dirt from your curtain. They impressed me with their awesome work. Thank you Magic Cleaning for your best help. Now, I am planning to place my next order to clean all the Curtain stuff for my office.
- Summer

Steam Carpet Cleaning of Magic Cleaning Services is Superb

It is very hectic when you have to wash your carpet but instead of getting the carpet clean its condition become worse. So, I decided to give a try of professional carpet cleaning by Magic Cleaning Services. The result totally amazed me as their steam cleaning made my carpet smoother.
- Zoe Turner

Fantastic job and would certainly call you again to clean my carpet

Thank you Carpet Cleaning Adelaide for your superb service. I simply love to see how clean my carpet turned out to be. You guys did a fantastic job and would certainly call you to clean my carpet every 3 months.
- John

Reliable service

I personally want to thank the team of Magic Cleaning Services for their flood restoration service. They aided the cleanup of sewage from a city channel. I returned home from work to discover it and required assistance ASAP! I called them right away and they immediately came within 60 minutes, despite the fact that it was 8 PM. They immediately done the cleaning the after the cleanup, they sterilized everything and left air purifiers for a couple of days to guarantee everything was sheltered. Astonishing work, you really saved me.
- Gemma

Best Curtain Cleaning

You can trust Magic Curtain Cleaning Services provider with closed eyes for your Curtain Cleaning task. Thank you Magic Cleaning Services for your great help. They can remove all kind of stubborn stains. The skilled and qualified team at Magic Cleaning are competent enough to handle the task. Thank you Magic Curtain Cleaning. Wish you all the best for your future endeavour.
- Daniel

Amazing Carpet Cleaning Services

Magic Cleaning Services is the best Carpet cleaning service for my requirement. Earlier, I tried many but did not satisfy 100%. Their wonderful team of skilled professional posses all the knowledge to deal the issue. Magic Cleaning did my order process keeping a priority as I needed it to be done in a week only. Thank you, Magic Cleaning guys for your timely help. I would like to recommend you to everybody.
- Chloe

Wonderful Tile Cleaning Service

I feel Magic Cleaning Services provide the best Tile Cleaning Services in the industry. The team really knows to do the job. I got satisfied with their work. I booked them for my kitchen tiles cleaning. Now the tiles became very shiny. They are cost effective. Magic Services are now available on Sundays also. I liked their work and love to recommend them to everyone. Thank you Magic Team for your best help.
- Savannah

Professional Curtains and Blinds Cleaning

Our blinds needed cleaning as we were not able to clean them at home. One of my colleagues had used Magic Cleaning Services for his home so I thought of giving them a try. Being new in Melbourne, I contacted them over phone and was impressed with their customer service. I was explained everything over phone and was even offered a free, no-obligation quote. And now when I have got our blinds cleaned, I can easily say these guys are true professionals. Satisfied!
- - Trace Richardson

The team were very affordable

I tried this company last week for my living/dining room carpet to be cleaned. They were very informative, affordable, on time and did exactly what I wanted. No dramas at all. They cleaned the carpet very well and got up all my stains and didn't make a mess. I recommend this Magic Cleaning Services company to anyone looking for steam clean on their carpet. highly recommended them.
- Simon Baker

Wonderful Mattress Cleaning Services

Professionals do not suggest to clean your Mattress at home. It can be dangerous. Your attempt may spoil the stuff. So it is better to book the best professional help for the same. I found Magic Cleaning Services is the best alternative for my Mattress Cleaning Services. They are cost effective. I liked their job. I would love to recommend Magic Cleaning for a new look and of your mattress.
- Savannah