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Steam cleaning is the best and easiest way to get rid of dust, dirt and stains from the curtain. We know how much our curtain has to deal with, staying at the same position for very long time results in dusty and dirty carpet and occasional stains make thing worse. Therefore, our curtain gets dirty and can make a bad impression on the guests and people who come to our house.

Also, the curtains are not just decoratives, but it is used for regulating the light coming from outside and adds up the privacy. So, it is our duty to make our curtains clean and sanitize, curtain steam cleaning is the best way to do the cleaning. The process is very popular and widely recommended by professional carpet cleaners. Also, the process is easy and you can do it in your home, using machines and cleaning solvents, there are no great skills required to do the work.

Curtain Steam Cleaning Service
Curtain Steam Cleaning Service

Here is The Steps For Steam Cleaning The Curtain

To start with the process you need a steam cleaning machine, you can buy a steam cleaning machine or you can also rent it from any hardware store. Besides curtain steam cleaning machine you need steam cleaning solvent and stain removal solvent. 

Follow The Steps As Directed to Ensure Safe and Effective Curtain Steam Cleaning and Curtain Sanitization


Take your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum clean your curtain.

  • Vacuum clean the curtain from both the sides and ensure that you have removed all the dust and dirt from the curtain.
  • Attach an brush on the vacuum cleaner to scrub and remove dust in a better way.
  • When you’re done unplug the vacuum cleaner power supply and proceed to next step.


Start the steam cleaning machine and steam clean the curtain. But before doing anything read the steam cleaning machine instruction manual carefully, safety is important.

  • Take out your steam cleaning machine and add water and steam cleaning solvent inside the machine.
  • Now turn on the plug and let the water heat.
  • When water is hot, the machine will alarm you, get ready and start cleaning the curtain.
  • Hold the pipe vertically and clean the curtain from upwards to downwards.
  • Leave the curtain to dry on its own, you can turn on the fan to speed the process.
Expert Curtain Cleaning
Expert Curtain Cleaning

Call Professionals

At Magic Cleaning Services we are known for providing quality professional curtain cleaning service, our company is built on trust and customer satisfaction. That’s why we’re the number one professional curtain cleaners. Our expert professionals are skilled and experienced and they know how to do the job proficiently. We ensure that our clients had the best Curtain Cleaning Sydney. To ensure the quality of service we use best quality solvents and cleaning agents.

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