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The leather couch is the most durable furniture item and yet fragile. The leather material is porous in nature, which is why while cleaning, precautions are necessary. Cleaning leather couch and odours from curtains with wet wipes or harsh chemical can damage the layer. Which isn’t a good thing, your couch can become dull. Leather couches increase the elegance in a home, which is why most people prefer costly leather couches.

Upholstery cleaning is a difficult task, and cleaning leather couch is an even more difficult task. You need to be careful before cleaning leather couch, sometimes upholstery stain removal is necessary because it looks odd and weakens the aura. Thus, you can either get a cleaner which is recommended by you sofa manufacturer or make one at your home. It’s recommended to clean leather upholstery twice in a year.

How you should clean a sofa?

  • Sofa should be clean thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner before cleaning with a solution. The dust particles and grime present on the sofa is abrasive in nature, which can rubbed against leather while wiping with solution and may damage the layer of leather.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution using by adding white vinegar in an equal amount of water. You can add some few drops of commercial leather cleaner in water and use it for upholstery cleaning.
  • A microfiber material cloth is recommended for cleaning leather couch. Dip the cloth in solution and gently wipe all the area. Do not completely immersed the cloth in solution, just dip a little bit side of the cloth.
  • Wipe the entire sofa with cloth and rinse it in the solution if necessary. Clean the sofa from the top first, it would be easier for you to clean it well.
  • Now, take a dry cloth which is made of soft fabric and gently wipe the sofa to make it dry. You can turn on the fan while cleaning, but do not use blow dryer, it may dry the leather and make it weak.

You can also use a mild soap like dove as alternative for vinegar, however use the solution before cleaning on a small spot of the sofa somewhere. To see if the cleaning solution is safe or not.

Cleaning Leather Couch

Cleaning Leather Couch

How you should do the conditioning of the couch?

  • Pour white vinegar in a bowl less than half and then add linseed oil or flaxseed oil in it. Use a clean soft cloth and dip it in the solution then apply it on the couch in broad circular motion. Leave the couch overnight and do not use it.
  • After a day, buff the couch with a clean soft cloth to polish it. Your sofa will become shiny and new.

Reach out to professionals.

Upholstery items are very costly especially when the fabric is made of leather. Leather fabric requires special attention which a professional can easily give. Magic Cleaning Services is one of the best upholstery cleaning Sydney, we are an acclaimed professional upholstery cleaners. Switch to Magic Cleaning Services for all kind of upholstery stain removal, upholstery cleaning. We guarantee you the quality services in affordable prices.

Leather Couch Before and After

Leather Couch Before and After

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