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The sewage water damages the carpet very badly, as all the drain pipes lead to the sewer line, the water inside the drain system contains heavy bacteria. This water can be disastrous for the carpet and can affect the carpet in a very bad way. Once the overflow drain water reaches the carpet, it infects the carpet and causes several problems, like fungus and mould growth, not to forget the odd smell. The paddings of the carpet can not be repaired, as the water is immediately absorbed inside the carpet and contaminates it. 

Therefore, it is recommended to throw the padding after sewage water has reached there. It is strictly advised to check the carpet condition, if the carpet was too long inside the sewage water, then it should also be thrown. In this blog, we will tell you what to do after the carpet is soaked and infected in sewage water.


Here are The Steps to Follow:

This step will ensure the safety of the carpet, follow the advice carefully.

  • Immediately Address The Situation –

    Do not let carpet soaked in sewage water for long, the longer you ignore the carpet, the more it’ll become a mess. Try to remove the carpet from the sewage water as soon as you can, keep it separately, if you call the professional carpet water damage repair services quickly, they will be able to save your carpet from the carpet sewage water damage restoration in Sydney.
  • Do The Assessment of The Damage –

    Check how much area of the carpet is soaked in the sewage water if all the carpet is soaked in sewage water for too long, then it’s impossible to do the carpet sewage water damage repair. However, if there is a small leakage from the drain, then the carpet can be restored.
  • Don’t Let The Contaminant Affect Yourself –

    The sewage water is highly contaminated and it can affect your health badly, before assessing the carpet wear protection. Such as gloves, masks and goggles to strengthen the contaminant entering inside your body.
  • Ventilate The Premises –

    Open the nearest window and turn on the fan, let the fresh air circulate inside the premises. If you have air movers or commercial dehumidifiers, turn it on and let the air circulate.
  • Extraction Of Sewer Water –

    Stop the drain from leakage, call your plumber and extract the water out from the premises. Lift the carpet and remove the excess water, by using the pump.
  • Dry & Disinfect The Carpet –

    First, dry the carpet and ensure that all the water is removed, when you’re done use a disinfectant spray to kill bacteria. This will stop the bacteria from further spreading.
Professionals Water Damage Restoration

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