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Molds on curtains occur when they are wet, and in a place where they can get moisture. The mold reproduces rapidly under these conditions, especially in warm and humid environments. In many cases, the molds that grow on curtains are species of the so-called staphylococcus. These are bacteria that can cause fungal diseases or infections that affect humans.

Molds can be a problem for curtains. Molds have the tendency to grow in damp or humid environments and even in the fresh air. They like to grow in dark places without direct exposure to sunlight. That is why mold affects many curtains.

Growth of mold in the curtain:

Mold on curtains can be caused by a flaw in the design or execution of curtains. For starters, you need to make sure that your curtains are moisture and mold-resistant. But not in all fabrics there is a coating to withstand exposure to water and dampness. Examine the stitching of your shower curtains also. Stitching that is loose or unraveled will give place for leaks flooding mold spores onto your curtains.

Onsite Curtain Cleaning
Onsite Curtain Cleaning

Ways of Curtain Mould Remover:

It is important for mold to be written to be a professional Onsite Curtain Cleaning. Because you need some materials that produce the strong smell of acetic acid such as vinegar or potassium acetate. You also should have a pair of gloves, safety glasses, a respirator mask, and other special tools to help you remove the molds from the curtains.

  • First, they take out the curtains properly.
  • Vacuuming the curtain with a heavy-duty vacuum. Otherwise there will be a clogging in the common home vacuum.
  • Then keep it in the sun for some time to disinfect. So that all the germs shall be killed in the presence of the sun.
  • Then dip all curtains in the mildest detergent. So that their fabric shall not be damaged. They have chemicals that do not harm the fabric.
  • After that hot water is over the curtain to clean the dust from within the pores of the curtains.
  • After passing hot water mixture of ethyl alcohol and water on the curtain so that it can be properly disinfected.
  • At last keep it in the sun and let it dry out all the moisture.


Everywhere you look within the curtains, you can find mold and mildew. Contact us today on 0488 852 663. The experts have special knowledge of taking away the mold and must know how they can clean our curtains properly. They must be able to determine whether it is better that they wash your curtains or if cleaning them in a dry way will do. They will also have knowledge in getting rid of the stains that are difficult for most people to remove without causing damage to the carpet. When you read on, you will find out how steam clean your curtain experts can do this for you so you won’t have to stress anymore.

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