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Curtains are the beautiful attraction in our home, but if they start smelling bad all the beauty fades away. No matter how beautiful is your curtain. So, you should eliminate the odour coming from the curtain. You can either dry clean the curtain or use some method to remove odour. In this article, you’ll read about different ideas to remove odours.

Vodka as an alternative for a deodorizer

Don’t go for costly commercial deodorizer products. You use vodka in your home, it’ll work effectively on the bad odour. Just pour the vodka is a spray bottle and sprinkle it all over your curtain, vodka has two properties, one it’s a disinfectant and two it works as a deodorizer.

Baking soda as an alternative for the deodorizer

Baking soda has a property of absorbing odour. You can use it to remove the odour from your curtains. Bring a large paper bag and put the curtain inside the bag, sprinkle some baking soda in the bag and shake it well to let baking soda sit. Leave the bag overnight, when you open the bag the next day, you’ll see the odour is gone, if it’s still there you can repeat this process.

Curtain Cleaning with Baking Soda

Curtain Cleaning with Baking Soda

Hang the curtain in the fresh air

Fresh air really works in removing odour from the curtain, just try hanging the curtain for an hour or two. Don’t expose it in the sunlight or the colour of the curtain would fade away. So, 30 minutes is enough for the curtain on a sunny day. The fresh air and sunlight would surely remove the odour.

Dry Clean

You can always look for dry cleaning option because it’ll remove all the odour from the curtain and the dirt as well. So, considering this you can try dry cleaning, but remember some fabric are not meant for dry cleaning.

Look for professional

Professionals are good at handling odours coming from curtains, Magic Cleaning Services is one of the trusted curtain cleaners in Melbourne. We have an expert team of skilled workers, they deal in curtain cleaning. We use environment-friendly cleaning agents so that our environment won’t compromise. We have a team a technician who’s expert in handling our latest equipment and machinery. Our goal is to make your house clean as per your expectations.

Remove the Odour from your Curtains

Remove the Odour from your Curtains

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