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One of the most precious items of the upholstery of the house is referred to a sofa. This is because it not only provides a space to sit and chill with family as well as friends but it also helps you to create a good first impression on other people. It is no wonder that your sofa will also get unpleasant and dirty after using it regularly for a particular time period. Hence, you need to save enough while dealing with the sofa stains and soiled sofa. Well, in that case, the tips provided by the local sofa cleaners would surely help you to protect your sofa. Here are the tips which you need to follow for effective Dry Sofa cleaning.

Upholster Cleaning Service
Upholster Cleaning Service

Tips to Clean The Soiled Sofa

Cleaning Up Marks and Spills Quickly

The earlier you can spot the mark of the sofa surface; it will be easier for you to clean the sofa. You can dap at still damp spills and protect it from potentially damaging your sofa. The sofa cleaning experts have great pride in dealing with stains of the sofa.

Using a Baby Wipe

This advice might sound to be strange for you, but the baby wipes have been surprisingly effective in picking up the dirt as well as spills from your sofa. People have been surprised by the stain removing power of the baby wipe. So, a baby wipe will offer you amazing couch stain removal with some of the gentle chemicals and pleasant smell.

Using White Vinegar

White vinegar is excellent at removing the tough stains from fabric. It is mildly acidic, so will not damage the fabric too much, if at all. You should not forget to continue at dabbing the stain, but you may need to be vigorous if the stain is soaked deeply into the surface. Don’t forget to open the windows after the use of white vinegar and use a fan for drying the surface of sofa quickly.

Vacuum the Sofa First

You can also use the attachment of the soft brush on the vacuum cleaners. You need to brush it with and against the fabric of the sofa. This will also help you to pick the dust as well as a stray which accumulates on the deeper fibers. This is an important step for keeping your sofa and environment hygienic. It would be easy for you to believe that the sofa is clean because you might have worked hard for keeping pets off the furniture.

Mild Laundry Detergent with Soft Brush Cloth

You need to fill a bowl with the mild and the soapy detergent for giving your sofa a quick cleaning. You need to rub the mixture with the thread of the fabric with the soft brush and gently clean on the entire area. You should avoid the soaking of the mixture in the fabric and gentle dampening of the fabric can provide desired results.

Expert Upholstery Cleaning
Expert Upholstery Cleaning

How Our Experts Will Help You?

We strictly work in an organised manner to provide the effective upholstery cleaning Sydney and expert cleaners of Magic Cleaning Services have years of experience in handling the tough stains present on the surface of the sofa. So, if you want to have effective cleaning with shining results call the experts of our company.

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