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Marble is a shiny stone which has gained its beauty for thousands of years. To have marble tiles in your home, you have to spend a hefty amount of money. The marble is susceptible to scratches and abrasion, without care the marble will become less shiny. If the colour of marble is light, then it needs more care and maintenance. Besides regular cleaning, marble tiles need special attention. To counter the problem of marble tile discolouration and scratches, you can follow some simple steps in order to keep your marble tiles cleaned.

Marble Tiles Cleaning

Marble Tiles Cleaning

To Start The Cleaning You Need Few Things To Start The Cleaning.

1) Microfiber dust mop.

2) Cotton cloth or string mop.

3) Clean water.

4) Castile soap or vegetable-based dish soap.

Steps For Cleaning.

Marble is porous and it’s alkaline-based, so it’s sensitive to acid. Steer clear of acid-based cleaners, like lemon and vinegar, or anything that contains alcohol, as it will break down the surface. Instead, use a gentle non-abrasive pH-neutral cleaner.

  1. Just dilute some solvent and clean, lukewarm water. Mop the surface and leave to dry; no rinsing’s required!
  1. For very dirty floors, increase the dilution quantity. Wipe the floor after the initial mop to remove any residue and then rinse with clean water.

To help make maintenance easier and to protect the surface consider a finishing treatment, any commercial liquid wax. You just apply it with a damp cloth, leave it to dry for 30 minutes and then polish the surface.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Tile and Grout Cleaning Service


Do not use vinegar solution on marble, as vinegar is an acidic substance it can damage the coating of marble.

Hire the professional steam cleaners if you want the best results. When you do the steam cleaning by yourself, you need to buy or rent the steam cleaning machine. Before starting the tile and grout steam cleaning read the machine instructions carefully and do the work accordingly. You can hire always hire a professional too Magic Cleaning Services is best for marble tile cleaning, you can always rely on us for marble tile cleaning. We are the best tile and grout cleaners. You can contact us and book a cleaning session.

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