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When was the last time you gave any thought to the ducts in the house or at workplace? Whether they are clean or not? If you are having odor in the air or something smells bad when you turn on your air conditioning unit, the vents may be the culprit. Give them a little more priority. Get them checked today. We, Magic Cleaning Services, are the best solution service providers for your duct cleaning needs.

Duct Cleaning Pioneer Bay

Duct Cleaning Pioneer Bay

Why get the ducts cleaned?

Over the years the ducts tend to accumulate dirt, dust, insects, rodents, pollen, pet hair and molds. These accumulations tend to blow dirt and other contamination in the air and also clog all your vents, thereby making you pay more for the heat or to get your room cool.

Clogged ducts let in unhealthy air that we breathe in and that ultimately leads to allergies, asthma and other such sicknesses. If you have someone suffering from allergy symptoms such as cold, cough, wheezing, nasal congestion and such, it is time to get your vents and ducts checked and cleaned if there are deposited debris, dirt, cobwebs, animal intrusions, and dead insects and rodents. Cleaning your ducts not only improves the air quality and thereby, your health and allergies but also the life of your equipment and also minimizes your utility bills.

How often should one get the ducts cleaned?

You might have the best filters in your vents and yet, debris and dust particles will accumulate and clog the vents. You might relax that you have the best filters that will prevent debris from passing through but you are wrong there. Even the best filters cannot stop the minute particles from passing through and clogging your vents, especially if you are living in the high pollution zone area. The dust in the air will clog the vents and ducts and reduce the quality of air in your home when you turn on the air conditioning units.

On an average every duct needs to be cleaned every three to five years depending upon the usage of the heating or the cooling systems, to get the best out of them. Proper servicing and maintenance will increase the life of your ducts and vents and give you fresher air to breathe in.

When is the best time to get the ducts cleaned?

Expert Duct Cleaning in Pioneer Bay

Expert Duct Cleaning in Pioneer Bay

On an average, a duct takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to get cleaned by the professional cleaners for a 2500 square feet lining space. This includes cleaning plus sanitization of the ducts. Anytime is good to get the ducts but it is essential to set aside some time to get them cleaned so that it doesn’t hinder your schedules and your routines. Make sure to book a cleaning appointment when the equipment is not likely to be in use or will not cause you inconvenience.

Our professional and dedicated team of staff is available to serve your cleaning needs as per individual requirements and also at your preferred time schedules.

Why choose us?

You might be wondering why you should choose us when there are many other companies providing similar services, simply because we are the best in the field.

  • Our staff is well-trained to meet your duct and vents cleaning needs and requirements.
  • The equipment used to clean is top notch and up to date with the technological advancement.
  • Our team of experts have handled every HVAS systems, from the branded ones to the customized ones and have expertise to correct any problem that might occur in the vents and ducts.
  • We are an open company that has eliminated the middlemen and executives and you get to deal directly with the owners.
  • We have 100% customer satisfaction track record.
  • We pride ourselves to provide the best professional services and affordable duct cleaning services in Pioneer Bay.
  • We guarantee the best results with our duct cleaning process.
Why Choose Us Duct Cleaning? Pioneer Bay

Why Choose Us Duct Cleaning?

Living in the age of industrialization and hi-tech work-culture, we all are prone to dirt, dust and other such particles that make breathing difficult. And even at home, which is a safe heaven, we don’t get good quality air due to our negligence and ignorance, where would we go to get fresh air? We at the Magic Cleaning services provide an extensive duct and vents cleaning solutions that have save you a lot of time and money and also gives you a healthy atmosphere at home and also at the workplace.

Your search for the best and affordable air quality management services ends right here, look no further. The company is equipped with the best of staff, equipment and services that will leave no space for dissatisfaction. Our expert team provides timely and satisfactory output and is trained under the guidelines provided by the govt. Our teams’ upgraded skills and expertise is what them best at what they do. Choose Magic Cleaning Services to get the best duct cleaning and repairing services in Pioneer Bay at the best cost. We also provide enhanced duct cleaning in industries.

How do we do it?

We employ the best system called the source removal cleaning method to clean the ducts. This is done by placing the system under high negative pressure through specialized and approved vacuum that passes air at a high speed and pushes the dust and grime lodged in the ducts backwards and is sucked in the vacuum leaving your ducts clean and fresh.

Our duct cleaning services also include

  • Central duct cleaning
  • Ducted heating cleaning
  • Ducted heating and cooling maintenance
  • Evaporated duct cleaning and repairing
  • Duct fixation Pioneer Bay
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Commercial duct cleaning
  • Ducted heating unit repair Pioneer Bay
  • Ducted reverse cycling air conditioning cleaning Pioneer Bay

Call us today and fix an appointment with our experts and get your ducts clog free and breathe in the fresh air. Our marketing councilors will be more than happy to assist you about the upcoming deals and discounts available on duct cleaning Pioneer Bay. Call us now!

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