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Fungal infestation is fairly common in our homes. Presence of moisture and water may cause a common fungus called the mould to grow. Mould or mildew is also very common on couches and upholstery. This black layer of mildew is dangerous for our health and can deteriorate the life of your upholstery and couches. Proper preventives measures must be taken to take care of mould infestation on your upholstery. There are many home remedies for mould removal from the couch. We are providing you with a simple guide for couch mould removal at home.

Couch Mould Removal

Couch Mould Removal

Best Tips to Get Rid of Mould From Your Couch

  • Rubbing Alcohol

    Alcohol can be used to treat the fungus called mould, pour some amount of rubbing alcohol on your couches and brush it extensively with a brush. Wear gloves if doing it with bare hands. If the mould is mild, you can add water and detergent to the alcohol and use it to clean the fabric and remove mould from the couch. After couch mould removal through alcohol, Keep your couches in sunlight and make sure the place is dry. Sunlight will further prevent the growth of mould and help in drying off the fabric naturally.

  • White Vinegar And Baking Soda

    White vinegar is antifungal and works as couch mould removal agent. You can use white vinegar with water and spray it over the presence of black mould on your upholstery. Baking Soda can also be used for mould removal from the couch, make a paste of water and soda and apply it over the mould. You can also spray white vinegar on the mould prior to application of soda paste. Baking soda is also antibacterial and can prevent the growth of germs and may kill the presence of any other pathogen. Dry the upholstery naturally in sunlight or at a dry moisture-free place.

  • Natural Anti Fungal Oils and Extracts

    Many natural oils and essential oils are antifungal in nature and can be used to prevent the growth of moulds in your upholstery. You can not use them for couch mould removal but regular use of these oils can actually stop any chances of

    mould infestation. Tea tree oil, clove oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and grapefruit extract can be used to control mould growth. Add a few drops of these oils and extracts in a spray bottle, pour some water. Use this solution to spray on your couches and upholstery daily. These oils not only prevent mould but also deodorize and sanitize your couches. Leaving behind a beautiful aroma

    Remove Mould From The Couch

    Remove Mould From The Couch

Professional Assistance:

Magic Cleaning Services works in the field of upholstery cleaning and couch mould removal. We can assess the damage done by mould and help remove it by using nature-friendly products. Any damage done by mould on your upholstery can be taken care of and your couches can be restored fully. We also sanitize your upholstery and protect it from future attacks of mould. Hire our professional upholstery cleaning services today and get certified results within 24 hours.

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