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If you are looking for top-quality carpet cleaning services in Parramatta, you can opt for Magic Cleaning Services. We boast of a team of exceptionally talented cleaning experts and technicians. We understand the importance of clean carpets. That is why our skilled carpet cleaning Parramatta experts offer a wide range of services. These include steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, odor removal, stain removal, etc. Apart from this, we also provide carpet shampooing, water damage restoration, etc. Moreover, we use the latest tools and machinery available in the market. Furthermore, you can count on us to offer trouble-free assistance, no matter the hour.

We provide following services:

  • Dry carpet cleaning
  • Steam carpet cleaning
  • Steam clean extraction
  • Water damage restoration
  • Stain removal from carpets (pet stains, urine stains)
Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

Why to hire Magic Carpet Cleaning Parramatta?

To help your carpet look new again and ensure your complete satisfaction, hire professionals. Magic Cleaning Services technicians are IICRC certified and undergo ongoing training to keep informed of all the latest developments and techniques in the industry. Our technicians undertake exams to keep them certified. When you employ Magic Cleaning Services to clean your carpets, we assure you that a trained and certified technician will care for your valuable furnishings.We only use eco-friendly cleaning techniques for cleaning your carpets. We guarantee that we would not leave any after product behind for client to deal with. Our Carpet Cleaning Guarantee: We give a 14 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied we will re-clean your carpets that too free of charge.

Home Carpet Cleaning Services in  Parramatta

Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

Magic Cleaning Services is a professional, commercial carpet cleaning business in Parramatta. We serve all areas of Parramatta and its suburbs. We are fully trained and qualified for all manner of commercial premises, from offices to shops, hotels, restaurants and clubs. Regular cleaning of your carpet will not only keep your workspace looking good, but also helps extend the life of your carpet. Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Inspection: We will inspect before commencing and determine the best method of carpet cleaning for your premises. Generally, steam cleaning is the best method for commercial carpet cleaning.
  • Pre-spray and spot treatment: If carpets are heavily soiled we also use rotary agitation to ensure soil is loosened from the carpet fibre.
  • Steam cleaning: The carpets are steam cleaned and the dirt is extracted. All of our detergents are environment friendly.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

Dry Carpet Cleaning is an alternative to steam cleaning and if used correctly can clean carpets successfully. If you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis you should consider alternating between the two systems.

  • Steam cleaning in Summers
  • Dry carpet cleaning in winters

It is not wise to dry carpet cleaning every time. Steam cleaning is also required for your carpets between dry cleans. We carry both the systems and can advise you which system to choose after inspection of your carpets.

Dry Carpet Cleaning has an advantage of Quick drying (normally 1 hour) and on the other hand disadvantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning is that the carpets are not cleaned extremely if soiled like in restaurants, hotels etc

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet Steam Cleaning Parramatta

Carpet Steam Cleaning Parramatta

  • Stage 1 Carpet is pre vacuumed preceding anything else is done
  • Stage 2 Carpet is pre sprayed with water based dry cleaning solution
  • Stage 3 Before machine buffing, spots and stains are pre treated
  • Stage 4 Carpet Dry Cleaning using the bonnet dry cleaning method or Encapsulation
  • Stage 5 Lastly, to reset the pile, the carpet is raked

Carpet Steam Cleaning Service in & Parramatta

Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

The most common form of steam cleaning is a 1 stage process. The “splash and dash” method cleans your carpet without a rinse process but it leaves detergent residue in your carpet. This steam cleaning method is over 20 years old.

Magic Cleaning Services does not use a 1 stage steam cleaning process but 6 stage steam cleaning process.

  • Stage 1 Carpet is pre sprayed with recyclable cleaning solution
  • Stage 2 Carpet is rotary disconcerted to ensure soil separation, spot & stain removal
  • Stage 3 Remaining spots and stains are treated separately until disappeared
  • Stage 4 Carpet is steam cleaned/Hot Water Extraction
  • Stage 5 For pH balance and to ensure no residue is left in carpet, carpet rinse is applied
  • Stage 6 At this stage, a quality Deodoriser is applied

Carpet Cleaning Hot Water Extraction Method in Parramatta

Carpets need to be professionally cleaned every 6 – 12 months and often at the end of every rental lease agreement. So whether your carpets have an odour, look dirty, worn out or tired, Magic Cleaning Services can take care of. We offer you a full carpet cleaning service. We serve you in different stages:

  • Stage 1: Pre-inspection: This includes carpet fibre identification, spot and stain survey as well as professional advice and evaluation of your carpets.
  • Stage 2: Pre-vacuuming: Our high-flow vacuum system with HEPA filters helps us to effectively removes the fine soil particles and hairs prior to carpet cleaning, that are not typically removed. You will be astonished by the amount of dust we will remove from your carpet by just vacuuming alone. Our high-flow vacuum system is ideal if you suffer from asthma or allergies. The filters capture bacteria, mould and pollen particles as small as .5 microns.
  • Stage 3: Careful movement of furniture
  • Stage 4: Pre-spraying: The soil suspension solution is sprayed on to the target, helping to release spots from the fibres prior to steam cleaning.
  • Stage 5: Rotary agitation: With soft brush, it loosens soiling from the carpet fibre, which will help with the final finish to your carpet.
  • Stage 6: Powerful steam extraction: Our large truck mounted equipment provides a thorough clean. Depending on your carpet fibre, our machine can produce 130oC of hot cleaning solution and 5 times more airflow than portable carpet cleaning machines. With the power of heat and vacuum airflow, we ensure you to remove 99% of bacteria, dust particles, remove pollens from your carpet and extract water out of your carpet during carpet cleaning.
  • Stage 7: Deodorising and neutralising: This is done to prevent sticky chemical build up which might cause re-soiling.
  • Stage 8: Replace furniture: This includes placing protective tabs to care for carpets and furniture by preventing moisture transfer.
  • Stage 9: Final grooming: Our carpet tool will ensure swirl marks will be removed, separate fibres and resets the pile allowing for maximum airflow and reduced drying times after your carpet has been thoroughly cleaned.
Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

Water Damage Carpet Restoration in Parramatta

  • Washing machine overflow
  • bath overflow
  • burst pipe
  • rainwater from balcony etc

In all these cases, water damage restoration procedures must be followed.

It is not as simple as just sucking up the water and cleaning the carpet and letting the area dry naturally. Wet carpet is not a problem but the underlay and the wood or concrete floor are needed to be dried.

Our procedure for wet carpet restoration is as follows.

  • Stage 1: Site inspection: check for safety hazards, evaluate the damage, advise client of of the necessary procedure and estimated cost
  • Stage 2: Apply antimicrobial spray
  • Stage 3: Extract excess water
  • Stage 4: Assess carpet to determine if it can be dried on site or removed and dried off site and if underlay can be dried or should be removed and replaced
  • Stage 5: If carpets are removed, applying antimicrobial spray to the floor beneath
  • Stage 6: Onsite drying using blowers and dehumidifiers
  • Stage 7: Daily inspection to ensure if drying conditions are most favourable
  • Stage 8: Steam cleaning the carpet once drying is complete

Please Note:

  • A bedroom will normally take between 24-48 hours to dry completely using drying equipment.
  • We do not attempt carpet restoration if the property has been affected by sewage overflow.
Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

Carpet Stains and spot removal in Parramatta

We can remove most stains, whether the kids spill on the carpet at home, or red wine stains on the restaurant floor or ink on the office carpet. Our experience and knowledge, allows us to correctly identify the different types of fibers and stains. Spot & stain removal is one of our specialties. Our Parramatta customers, often ask for the difference between spots & stains and if there is an additional charge for spot & stain removal.
Spots: marks left on carpet after oils or liquids have been split onto the carpet. The liquid attracts the dirt to the carpet fiber and dark patches appear as a result. The dirt does not actually penetrate the fiber.

Stains: when a liquid has a distinct color or composition which penetrates the carpet fiber and actually causes a color change within the fibre, stains are caused. If you have split red wine on the carpet you will get to know how difficult it is to remove these stains. Coffee, red cordial, blood and ink can also stain your carpet. And without proper treatment, these can become permanent.

Pet Stains removal  from Carpet

Magic Cleaning Services makes no claims or warranties regarding the removal of urine odour or stains. Our technicians use the best chemicals and procedures available to them. In worst cases, the problem may go beyond cleaning. As such, the carpets may need to be replaced.

If you have pets on your carpet and furniture the following can happen. Situation 1: You have your carpets and furnishings cleaned and the pet odour becomes more evident after cleaning. This can happen because you were not aware of urine soiled areas. The urine soiled areas are “hidden” or not noticeable in your carpet and cleaning the carpet has activated the urine salt deposits and the odour can be worse than when cleaning commenced. If odour is present after cleaning, this can normally be rectified by applying odorcide to the carpet.

Situation 2: There are no clear urine stains in your carpet but stains appear after cleaning. This happens because the urine deposits are dormant in the carpet backing or underlay and are “drawn” to the surface in the cleaning process. A carpet cleaner can only clean the carpet fibres not the underlay or floorboards below, so when urine deposits are underneath they can “wick” through overnight to the carpet fibers. This problem can be fixed by a second visit

Situation 3: The carpet is so heavily contaminated that no amount of cleaning, deodorising, deodorize etc. will get rid off the odour or stains. In this case, the carpet and underlay should go to the tip. Make sure you treat the wood or concrete floor before relaying the new carpet and underlay.

Urine stains removal Parramatta

Methods to treat urine and urine stains on carpets are:

  1. Surface treatments or top down treatments: This method is successful in case where soiling is in carpet fibres only and urine has not penetrated the carpet backing, underlay and floor. This method does not involve lifting the carpet.
  • Treat the stained area with cleaning solution.
  • Water and vacuum are used to extract the urine & cleaning solution
  • Apply urine treatment and leave 24-48 hours
  • Stain has been removed
  1. If your pet has been soiling the carpet in the same area. Cleaning may not be the answer for this problem; you may have to perform the following:
  • We will lift your carpet and inspect to decide if step two is needed, or if a standard steam clean and deodorizing is enough.
  • Remove soiled underlay out of house.
  • Apply our bio enzymatic treatment to both sides of the carpet. Steam clean to extract waste
  • Relay carpet. Treat pet stains with slow release hydrocide based stain remover and spray more deodorizer where it is needed.

Carpet Mould Removal Parramatta

Carpets can get affected by black mould and this mould can spread all around your home. Mould is hazardous to health and it is known to cause many dangerous diseases. We at Magic Cleaning Services will provide you with carpet mould removal service. Our professional carpet cleaners will treat mould using strong and safe commercial products. We treat and remove every sign of black mould and also prevent it from reappearing. Hire Magic Cleaning Services for affordable carpet mould removal service in Parramatta today.

NOTE: In case of intense urine soiling, we may suggest disposal of the carpet and underlay, treating the floor and laying new carpet and underlay.

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