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Tile and Grout Cleaning Pendle Hill

Magic Tile and Grout Cleaning Pendle Hill offers tile cleaning, grout cleaning, grout regrouting, grout recoloring, tile stripping tiles rechaulking and tile grout resurfacing services. Magic Tile & Grout Cleaners Pendle Hill specialises in all kinds floor surface cleaning services.Same day services in Pendle Hill!!!

Get the best service Tile grout cleaning Pendle Hill

Are your tiles discolored and yellowish? And are you thinking of cleaning them on your own? Think again. The discoloration is not just dirt on the tiles but the dirt that has entered the pores of your tiles. You need professional cleaning services and we at Magic Tile and Grout Cleaning Pendle Hill are here for all your cleaning needs. Give us a call today and get rid of the dirt that has lodged itself in the tiles as well as the grouts.

Contrary to the belief, your indoors house more bacteria and germs from the dirt and grime that get deposited on various surfaces that require regular and thorough cleaning by the professional services. Homes are a safe heaven that has to be dust free, healthy and that has a happy environment. We at the Magic Tile and Grout Cleaning Pendle Hill work to do just that.

Most of you use tiles, at least in one or two rooms of your house due to their cost-effectiveness, low maintenance and durability which is more than other flooring. After installation, leaving the tiles and grout unsealed will pave way for permanent stains due to food or beverages spill. Despite of sealing the tiles, they are likely to discolor due to age.

The tiles are most likely found in moist areas of the house like the kitchen or the bathrooms and due to the moisture in the air, the pores and grouts get clogged and nothing make the place look worse than the grouts and tiles that are discolored. Your search for the best tiles and grouts cleaning services in Pendle Hill ends right here.

Tile Grout Cleaning Sydney
Tile Grout Cleaning Pendle Hill

Services provided by the Magic Tile and Grout Cleaning Pendle Hill for your tiles

Tiles cleaning

Investing time and money for the best tile for your lining spaces and losing the shine over a period of time can be disheartening and most people dislike getting down on the knees and cleaning the tiles. Here, we provide the best tiles cleaning services in Pendle Hill that leave the tiles looking as good as brand new.

Tiles sealing

In order to protect your tiles and grout from discoloration and day-to-day wear, we apply a liquid coat over the pores of the tiles and prevent oxidation and stains due to spillage.

Grouts re-coloration

You have gone around for days looking for the perfect tiles and spent quite a lot of money on buying them and the discolored grout takes away all the shine and also the effort and time and money you have invested in installing the tiles. We provide you with an option of re-coloring the grout with the same or a different color that gives your tiles a new life and makes the room look new as it was on day one.

Other similar services include

  • Clear sealing

    Clear sealing is the best and a popular option to keep your decorative and coloured concrete surfaces away from stains and tear and wear. This is the right way to extend the life of your concrete surface as it works as a protective layer against the stains, dirt, contaminants, that in turn reduces your cleaning hassle. The water-based sealers that we use on your concrete surfaces add and enhance its value. Our technicians use only the latest technology and the high-quality contents for clear sealing Pendle Hill that increases its life and gives an enhanced look to your concrete surface.

  • Color sealing

    Our technicians at Magic Cleaning Services also offer colour sealing services for your exposed concrete floors. The procedure involves filling the entire surface with the single colour. The technicians will clean and fill the gaps in the surface, and then will roll-on the colour on the entire surface. Your floors will get a new shine and look with the procedure. Call us today and get the free-quote for colour sealing Pendle Hill today.

  • Tile Caulking

    With the help of trained professionals and the right equipment and products, we have been providing the best services for tile caulking in Pendle Hill. Whether it is domestic or commercial caulking, we are capable of doing it that too with perfection and excellence. Our caulking services include interior caulking, exterior caulking, such as wet areas, brickworks, expansion joints, skirting boards, windows, balconies, pools, and even natural stones. The tile caulking services in Pendle Hill we provide help to prevent water damage, leaking and dirt build up.

  • Floor polishing

    Floor polishing is the right way to get rid of the dull, chipped and boring look of your floor. You may put your endless efforts in making your tiled floors clean and shiny, but years of tear and wear it has endured, does not let your floor look any better. Thus, we suggest you go for polishing for rejuvenation of your floors. And once again our technicians can help in floor polishing Pendle Hill. Call us today and get the free quote for our services.

Expert Grouts Re-Coloration
Expert Grouts Re-Coloration

Why choose us for your professional tiles and grout cleaning needs?

With hundreds of companies offering similar services, why would you choose us? Simply because we at Magic Tile and Grout Cleaning Pendle Hill, are an open company where you directly get in touch with the owners rather than the executives. And also because

  • Our technicians perform a pretest to determine the quality of tiles used in your kitchen or the bathroom and the extent of damage to the tiles and to also decide on the best course of action.
  • The services and the quality of the products used in the cleaning process is top notch and we guarantee customer satisfaction at every level.
  • Our efficient technicians and workers are well-trained in the process of tiles and grouts cleaning and are instilled with a sense of responsibility to serve the customers to the best of their abilities.
  • The products used are organic and harmless for every cleaning services offered by us, including shower/tub cleaning, tile protection cleaning, color sealing, etc. apart from our tiles and grout cleaning services.
  • Along the way, quality check process runs side by side with the cleaning and restoration process.


Moreover, Cleaning such tiles needs special equipment and chemicals that might be harmful if not used with utmost care and training. So, leave this tedious job to our trained professionals and sit back and relax.

Tile and Grout Cleaning  Pendle Hill
Tile and Grout Cleaning Pendle Hill

Professional tiles and grouts cleaning services, Pendle Hill


We, at the Magic Cleaning Services, are committed to provide the best and most cost-effective to our esteemed clients. We strive to make your old tiles look new after every repair and cleaning service.

Steam cleaning the tiles to clear the dust and the grime

The best and most effective way to clean the tiles, however old, is steam cleaning, that cleans the tiles from deep within and we are equipped with the best to do this kind of cleaning. We also offer various other options for tiles and grout cleaning, mildew and stain removal and also cracked and broken tile replacement.

To protect your tiles from future discoloration, we apply a fresh coat of grout to give your tiles a new and fresh look and also a healthy long life, so that you don’t have to opt for tiles replacement at regular intervals.

Steam Tile Cleaning  Pendle Hill-4
Steam Tile Cleaning Pendle Hill

Our dedicated staff has the hands on experience and the expertise required providing the best tiles and grouting cleaning services and following through the process with the best and organic equipment and products until the process is over and you are fully satisfied.

Investing a little more to keep your tiles and grouts looking new and clean is just as necessary as cleaning your house, in order to keep it free from disease causing germs and bacteria. Fix an appointment today with us today and let us help you and guide you through your tiles cleaning needs today. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and treating your tiles as good as it was on day one.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today to hire us for our tile grout cleaning Pendle Hill now!

”Quality Service”

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All I can say is an excellent quality of service is been provided by them. Magic Tile and Grout Cleaning are very reliable and their attention to detail is incredible. I was recently called them for grout recolouring and stain guards. The team gave me a very good service and I received great results out of it. I am really happy with their service. Communication with the team of Magic Tile and Grout Cleaning is great throughout the whole process from scheduling the appointment to explaining the details of what needs to be done. I will definitely use Magic Tile and Grout Cleaning in future.

Wonderful Tile Cleaning Service

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I feel Magic Cleaning Services provide the best Tile Cleaning Services in the industry. The team really knows to do the job. I got satisfied with their work. I booked them for my kitchen tiles cleaning. Now the tiles became very shiny. They are cost effective. Magic Services are now available on Sundays also. I liked their work and love to recommend them to everyone. Thank you Magic Team for your best help.

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