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You might be responsible for your personal health that of the other members of the family, a hotel, a hospital, patients, guests and many others. You keep everything clean, but what is mostly overlooked is the mattress or to be more specific, cleaning of the mattress. Healthy sleeping conditions should be given utmost priority as proper sleep and a healthy diet is the key to a healthy body and mind. We spend hours together on the quality, type and make of the mattresses while purchasing them and completely forget about them, once they are installed in our rooms.

We, Magic Cleaning Services, provide the best and cost effective services for your healthy living quarters that ensure a healthy home and family. We are the best mattress cleaning service in Punchbowl.

Why choose us?

We have a deep understanding of what the customers require when they hire services for mattress cleaning and know what steps have to be taken to clean the mattress from the dry mattress cleaning to deep stain removing services. We use the best and effective products and state-of-the-art equipment, and the staff that are well-trained and ready to meet all your specific needs and requirements and provide the best result in Punchbowl.

Why get the mattress cleaned?

For a normal person, mattresses are taken for granted and are overlooked and the stains and yellowish marks get ignored and covered with beautiful bed covers and comforters. But it’s not the stains and the yellow marks are a problem but the sweat that is produced by the human body when they are asleep each night. We wash the bed sheets and covers but what of the germs, mites and bacteria that have made themselves home in your mattress? It is essential for you to get your mattress rid of the disease causing bodies that are hidden in your mattresses away from the naked eye.

To ward off hidden germs and bacteria

These hidden germs cause many skin and respiratory diseases and allergies that make people unhealthy and sick. Dust mites produce feces that are the common cause for allergen among people when inhaled.

Deep cleaning the mattresses get rid of these germs and mites and get you free of the health issues that are a consequence of these deposited germs. Since, these germs don’t have a natural enemy, they multiply by seconds and in large numbers. A thorough cleaning helps in getting rid of them. Thorough cleaning and maintenance help in getting rid of the stains and odor caused by food spills and organic soiling. Technicians are able to remove about 85% of the germs due to the technological advancements.


Ill health effects of dirty mattresses are


  1. Eczema
  2. Hay fever
  3. Sinus
  4. Itchy red eyes
  5. Fatigue
  6. Excessive sneezing
  7. Bronchitis
  8. Asthma


How often should one get the mattress cleaned?


It is recommended to get the mattress cleaned at least once a year and in case of diseases and sickness due to the dust mites, get them cleaned more often. Though cleaning the mattresses will not eliminate the infections completely but will help reduce the symptoms and problems to a great deal.


How long do the mattress cleaning take?


Our expert team cleans your regular single mattress in matter of 15-20 minutes with there hi-tech equipment, double bed might take about 30 minutes and king size beds an hour at max.


How long does one wait after the mattress cleaning?


Our products take approximately an hour or two to evaporate and that is the maximum time you need to wait after the cleaning process. Letting the room air dry with sufficient sunlight will only expedite the drying process and once the mattress is dried, you are set to use the bedding.


Our cleaning process


Once you book our mattress cleaning services, our experts visit the site and do a detailed study of the condition of the mattresses and and then decide upon the best course of action. The most effective method of cleaning mattresses is steam cleaning mattresses. Steam clean mattress are completely free of germs and mites and rid of odor and stains and are quick and effective. Other services in mattress cleaning include


  • Mattress dry cleaning
  • Pillow top mattress cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning and stain removal
  • Latex mattress cleaning
  • Mattress sanitising
  • Mattress anti-allergen cleaning


All the above mentioned services provide you with a healthier bedding and sleeping spaces that boosts overall mental and physical health.


More often than not, we chose services that are cheaper and ones that make tall promises. Beware and do a market research before hiring just any company for your mattress cleaning needs and be cheated on the quality and service.


We at the Magic Cleaning Services, assure quality products, efficient staff and state of the art equipment and machinery. We have a 100% customer satisfaction record and have always had happy customers refer us or come back to us every time they need mattress cleaning.



Wonderful Mattress Cleaning Services

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Professionals do not suggest to clean your Mattress at home. It can be dangerous. Your attempt may spoil the stuff. So it is better to book the best professional help for the same. I found Magic Cleaning Services is the best alternative for my Mattress Cleaning Services. They are cost effective. I liked their job. I would love to recommend Magic Cleaning for a new look and of your mattress.

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