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Carpets are essential and beautiful flooring accessories of our homes. They provide beauty to our decor and stable soft ground to walk upon. Routine carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal should be carried out from time to time. Carpets are very prone to damage and accumulate a lot of dirt and mud. Flooding of water inside our home can result in heavy carpet water damage. Wet carpets can be very damaging to your household and health. There is always the risk of mould formation and bacterial growth. Maintaining your hygiene and air quality becomes difficult if you ignore carpet water damage. There are many causes of flooding of water in our homes, follow this thorough guide to know more about water flooding and causes of carpet water damage.

Carpet Water Damage

Carpet Water Damage

Carpet Water Damage Causes In The Home

  • Cause 1: Rainwater or Snowfall

    Rainwater can be very damaging to our furniture and carpet if it penetrates in. Heavy rainfall can cause water to flood inside our home and we can face a lot of water damage problems. To avoid rainwater entering your homes you should always take care of your walls and ceilings. Make sure there is no sign of moisture and leakage of water on your walls, fix it if you see. Waterproof paints and industrial sealants should be used to make your wall waterproof and avoid penetration of water. Rooftops should be checked for any cracks to stop the entrance of rainwater inside. Snowfall also can lead to carpet water damage. Shut your doors and windows in case of snowfall and remove any sign of snow in your home before they start to melt and create carpet water damage problem.

  • Cause 2: Plumbing and Drainage

    Plumbing pipes provide pathways for water movement inside our homes. They provide access to water through taps and drainage helps in the removal of used dirty water properly. Plumbing pipes should regularly be inspected, to check any sign of crack or leakage. Cracks can cause water to spill and sometimes may result in bursting of pipes leading to flooding. Drains should be kept clog free any blockage in the drains will result in the overflow of the unhygienic dirty water into your home and this dirty water can be very problematic for your carpets and your health. Carpet water damage through blocked drains is a serious concern for your health. Professional carpet cleaning services should be contacted for carpet water extraction and deodorization.

  • Cause 3: Overflowing or Leakages of Home Appliances

    Washing machines and dishwashers are the most common appliances that deal with water. Always make sure that your machines are thoroughly lean and working. Never operate these appliances in our absence and make sure that you get their regular service done on time. The air conditioner can also cause carpet water damage. Building up of moisture in the ac can slowly melt and drip on your carpet through walls and cause carpet water damage. Make sure you get your air conditioners serviced from time to time and always check the other appliances of any leakages or malfunctioning.

  • Cause 4: Gutter and Sewage problems

    Sewages and gutters are gross and filled with dirty excreted water from homes. Always keep your sewage and gutters clog and blockage free. Any type of blockage can result in devastation results. The overflow of impure and very dirty water can cause many disease to your family and carpets will soak all this dirty water and can be the source of serious illness. In case of gutter flooding or sewage, flooding contact professional carpet cleaners on the spot and get your carpet water extraction done asap.

Carpet Water Extraction

Carpet Water Extraction

Hire Magic Cleaning Services, Australia

After reading above and being aware of the causes of carpet water damage you can prevent your family from many diseases. Hire Magic Cleaning Services Australia today for wet carpet cleaning and carpet water extraction services carried out by our expert staff. With the use of latest machinery and products, we offer you variety of services concerning your carpets. Contact us today and get satisfactory results in 24 hours.

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