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Mould infestation is so common that it can affect any part of our homes. From carpets to furniture and sofa but tile and grout also get infected with mould. Kitchen and bathroom tiles are more prone to form the black stains of mould because of the presence of moisture and […]


Carpets are essential and beautiful flooring accessories of our homes. They provide beauty to our decor and stable soft ground to walk upon. Routine carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal should be carried out from time to time. Carpets are very prone to damage and accumulate a lot of dirt […]


Fungal infestation is fairly common in our homes. Presence of moisture and water may cause a common fungus called the mould to grow. Mould or mildew is also very common on couches and upholstery. This black layer of mildew is dangerous for our health and can deteriorate the life of […]

Steps For Dry Cleaning A Sofa?

Sofa Dry Cleaning

There are different types of ways to clean a sofa, you can steam clean them or shampoo clean them to make them fresh and new. But not all sofa fabric is able to handle all type of upholstery washing methods. Thus sofa dry cleaning is recommended for a safe way […]

Easy Steps For Marble Tiles Cleaning

Marble Tile Cleaning

Marble is a shiny stone which has gained its beauty for thousands of years. To have marble tiles in your home, you have to spend a hefty amount of money. The marble is susceptible to scratches and abrasion, without care the marble will become less shiny. If the colour of […]

How to remove hard water stains from swimming pool?

Remove Hard Water Stains From Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is made from tiles, which is water resistant. Tiles are chosen for a swimming pool because of its property, tiles don’t absorb water and can store the consistency of water for longer time. Water also looks transparent in a swimming pool made of tiles. Sometimes hard water […]

How to Clean a leather couch?

Leather Couch Cleaning

The leather couch is the most durable furniture item and yet fragile. The leather material is porous in nature, which is why while cleaning, precautions are necessary. Cleaning leather couch and odours from curtains with wet wipes or harsh chemical can damage the layer. Which isn’t a good thing, your couch […]

Get rid of odours from curtains

Get rid of odours from curtains

Curtains are the beautiful attraction in our home, but if they start smelling bad all the beauty fades away. No matter how beautiful is your curtain. So, you should eliminate the odour coming from the curtain. You can either dry clean the curtain or use some method to remove odour. […]